Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Illustration Friday - Poem 2

This is my first attempt at spray paint art. I did it to illustrate the rhyme below. It is 2 1/2" x 12".


by Focus

© 2000 Focus, all rights reserved

Lengths of silver wire, bent but strong,
They hold together papers that to me belong.

My pockets all are bulging with paper clips.
I wiggle 'em and jiggle 'em 'tween my fingertips.

There is a world of things these clips can do.
Myriads! Let me explain a few to you.

Bend some clips and twist 'em so they're sharp and poke
Then leave on chairs to startle unsuspecting sitting folk!

Clips can clean your fingernails, clean your toenails too.
Clips free stuck computer disks, open mice gummed up with goo.

Clips set hair in pincurls, or a clip may part your hair.
Or, like barettes, they style it! Use clips everywhere!

Clip up hems that tear out. Clip the latch that wriggles free.
With a clip you pick the lock when you've mislaid the key.

Press a clip into soft clay, to get textures fair.
Get some clips just to keep. Get some clips to share!

Clips make office jewelry, like bracelet or like ring.
Clips make shiny necklaces, all hooked up in a string.

Jumbo clip can be a compass. Hold your finger at one end,
Then swing the other end about with point of ballpoint pen!

Use a clip to measure. A small clip's near an inch;
So if you don't have a ruler use a clip in a pinch.

Paperclip the cloth unto the pattern when you sew.
Use a clip as bookmark so your place you will know.

Clips make handy tools. Use a clip to punch a hole!
Use paperclips to hold a waving flag atop its pole.

Clips gleam in silver pattern on a crafty picture frame.
Lay clips out upon your desk to spell your lover's name.

Use a clip to make a handle for a paper cup.
The cup may leak a little, but you can pick it up.

A clip may be a weapon, hurtling through the air.
(Naughty boy with rubber band is who shot it there.)

A clip can bend into a toy for a child to flip.
It can be a pull for broken zipper, so that you can zip!

A clip can be quite stylish! Make a fringe on skirts or shorts.
Use clips as hooks for buttons - it really takes all sorts!

Cut it, and put a worm on. Use it as a hook!
Then bake the fish with recipe clipmarked in your cookbook!

A clip can push back cuticle. A clip can scrape off paint.
A clip can be a halo for handcrafted Christmas saint.

Use a clip to mend your glasses. Use a clip to make a spring.
Use a clip as inspiration for a song you want to sing.

Clips have added to our language. We have clipper ships at sea!
Horses trot with "clip clops"! There are news clips on TV!

Clips are metal or they're plastic; clips are big or small.
We have a close relationship. I love them, love them all!


KarinaCocq said...

que bella atmosfera

Eli Edmundson said...

Very nice!

Chris said...

Great work, love the colours and textures that produced from the spray art.

Everything works very well together...

mishka said...

very cool! I like the soft textures you get from the medium.

mike said...

Your color choices are soft and warm. You have inspired me to try spray art. Have you seen the stencil work of the Inuit? The textures you get with the spray remind me of that work. I also appreciate you thoughtful comments on other artists submitting to IF.

Larry Lee said...

Thanks for your comment. I may have gone a few more weeks missing your blog. It's wonderful.
I especially like the geeky entry.

Focus_ret said...

Thanks, folks.

Choosing the colors for this painting was easy - I only had four cans of spray paint: yellow, orange, black, and white. So I made do with what I had. But it was fun to do, and I like the results, so I may go to the store and spring for a few more colors, and try some more paintings with this medium.

Alina Chau said...


arxo said...

i really like the smooth colors of your illo...
and i really hope you don't get to any trouble if you decide to test your new spray-art-hobby onto walls...;-)

Tali Z. said...

lovely hues! I like how you are experimenting with different mediums!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a successful experiment to me... and it looks great as the graphic on your blog!

timafli said...

I like the spray paint effect which makes the image very subtle. That is very good intent. The black spot on my right is little too prominent.

Focus_ret said...

I really like the idea of this as the graphic for my blog - but I can't get the thing down to a reasonable size. The template seems to be enlarging it, making the image much bigger than the original, even! And I have no idea why.

Focus_ret said...

Okay, now I've linked the picture to one I posted on flicker, rather than getting if from my computer. That cut the size of the image in half, at least. But I'd sure rather it matched the size of the blog. It would be nice if I understood what I'm doing, too - but that is asking a bit TOO much! LOL!