Monday, March 17, 2008

Illustration Friday - Heavy

Lulu Pig ATC

The pig was the first image that came to my mind with this week's word, Heavy. Then hippos, elephants, whales.

But the word can also be used to describe people. Throughout the majority of my life I could have been described as "heavy". In my late 20s, when I joined the Peace Corps, they sent me to Barbados. There I would walk down the street and guys would yell out at me, "Heavy!" To me it felt mortifying, though someone soon explained that in Barbados that was meant as a compliment; men there liked fleshy women.

Illustration Friday - Garden

"Floral" ink ATC

I'm not big on drawing gardens. Occasionally I manage a plant, but an entire garden? That's a bit much for me. This is about as close as I've come.