Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blame my gall bladder!

You may have noticed my absence the last two weeks. Blame my gall bladder.

Sunday and Monday I felt rotten. So Tuesday I phoned in sick to the school I usually volunteer at, and instead went to Kaiser. I got my regular shot, then went to Medicine 1 complaining of vomitting, diarhea, pain, and swelling. I didn't see my regular doctor, but I saw a couple of others. They gave me a bunch of tests and a couple of saline IVs, then sent me home.

Wednesday I got my regular shot, but did not see any doctors. My regular doctor talked with me on the phone, saying it was probably my liver, and would probably clear up on its own; I didn't need to schedule another visit, though the definitive liver test wasn't in yet.

Thursday I helped chaperone a field trip as I'd promised. And shat my pants in the middle of the Titanic exhibit in San Francisco. I washed up as best I could, and bluffed it through.

I scheduled a visit for Friday despite my doctor's advising me not to, because I was still swollen and nauseous and I still hurt. By then the liver test HAD come in, saying "Nope. Not the liver." So they had me drink two awful Barium smoothies and did a CAT scan. (I got even by vomitting their Barium back at them all over the waiting room. Oddly, after that demonstration I got much better service.)

They had me in hospital soon after they finally diagnosed the problem Friday night, but couldn't even do the surgery until Sunday mid-morning (though I was told "within the next hour" from 1pm Saturday through 10:30pm Saturday). They wouldn't even let me rinse my mouth out with water until Tuesday, when they put me on a clear liquid diet. Finally they sent me home Wednesday.

Except for a visit home to feed dog and cat daily, I've spent most of my time since release either sleeping at Mom's or trying to get the meds mess straightened out at Kaiser. (The surgeon "inadvertently" cancelled all my regular medications.) I only moved home all on my own this afternoon. It's back on the phone to Kaiser Monday, and they want another blood test Monday or Tuesday - but oncology doc needs to clarify WHICH blood test.

I'm to go back to Kaiser this Wednesday for a follow up with the surgeon. Hopefully he'll get my staples out.

So now I'm home, and I'm weak and tender and moving very slowly and carefully - but I seem to be healing fine, and things are looking up.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

6 things most folks know about me

I was tagged to tell 6 things people do NOT know about me - but couldn't think of a single thing my daughter and most of my friends do not know. So instead, here are 6 things most folks know about me.

1. I love art, and am currently into making ATCs for trade. All of the ATCs and postcards I've made are stored at

2. I love reading, and read all kinds of fiction.

3. I love nature, and get a rush of joy when I see new spring wildflowers, any wild animal from lizard through grizzly bear, or the night sky.

4. I have a webpage http://www.lodinet. com/pappy/ index.htm but ever since I got my new computer I have no way to update it, as my old program is obsolete.

5. I was raised on a farm, and still cannot drive past a farm without trying to identify the crops being raised, and noting the differences in agricultural practices since I was a kid.

6. When I listen to music I tend to play the same songs over and over and over and over until it drives everyone around me crazy.