Monday, March 16, 2009


Now that Mom and Larry are dead, their house must be emptied and sold. So the heirs have been taking stuff, and I've been helping sort. This necklace goes to Judy, this clock goes to Chris Ann, the car goes to Dick, etc.

A whole lot of stuff goes to me and my sister, and some goes to my daughter. But they are not nearby. So all their stuff comes to me too. And all the momentos. And all the photos. This weekend the movers brought a queen size bed, a dining room table, a sewing do-dads chest, a roll top desk, eight sturdy chairs, Grandma's old rocking chair, a china cabinet, a mechanized recliner, two or three big boxes of china, two big boxes of crystal, a hanging bag of antique clothes, bags of bedding, a couple of jewelry boxes, two large chest o' drawers, a cedar chest, boxes and boxes of photo albums and of unsorted photos, a box that seems to be full of paper work, an old raggedy toy chest - but when I looked inside it was full of papers too, not toys - and more and more boxes. The movers stacked these inside my already furnished house. Framed photos. Framed art. ARGH!!!!!

I looked inside the chest o' drawers. The drawers are full of more stuff. The cedar chest is full too.

I've moved some of my old furniture out to the driveway. I'll have to hire someone to take it to the dump. But Mama's house was bigger than mine is, and now my house is way overcrowded.

My dining room and office havee it worst. I can barely squeeze through the hall. The guest bedroom (not shown) is also crammed. I certainly have my work cut out for me.