Friday, March 23, 2007

Live Swap

Last weekend I aimed my car for Davis. 40 years ago, I attended the university there, but the town has changed drastically since then. I spent the first hour driving around, lost. When I was there as a student it was impossible to be lost in Davis for an entire hour, even on a bike! Now it is easy to get lost and stay lost, even in a car... At least for me. I finally saw a young person emptying the trash, asked him for directions, and found my way.

Once I found it, I attended the live Artist Trading Card swap that Dorena alerted me to. Somehow I envisioned a big convention, with 50 or 100 artists or more, each set up with a display of their ATCs in a wide variety of media.

Instead, there were eight old people, including me, gathered around a single table. Three media were represented by the other members of the group. One member of the group decoupaged pressed leaves on ATC sized cards. Most of the group did photography, creating 60 to 100 identical cards from each photo for trading. Although three of the group did some collage, I did not feel moved to make any trades.

The best thing was that the group was warm and friendly, and I had a good time. But my adventure made me feel glad to be in the more original, artistic, and creative FineArtsATC group!