Friday, April 06, 2007


The movers came last week to collect Margo’s goodies. She had a lot of goodies. I was impressed by how carefully each thing was wrapped. I was impressed by what a big stack the things made when boxed and stacked in my living room. I was impressed by how little space they filled in the truck. I was impressed by how much room I had when everything was gone!

There were three men. One was deligated to stay in the house, pack little stuff, and wrap it. He worked quickly and very steadily. The sound of taping is a sort of rasping sound - and I heard it steadily the entire time they were here.

It took all three of the guys to get the piano out to the driveway. Two of them stayed out to wrap the piano, and those same two carried out and wrapped the clock.

The inside guy pulled the recliner apart to wrap it in two separate pieces. I didn't realize recliners are made to come apart like that!

The inside guy had to make each box. Then he put paper inside. He wrapped the goodies in paper, and put them inside. When it was all packed, he closed the box. He even wrapped the boxes that Don and Margo had already packed!

As each box was readied, he stacked it on top of the previous box. The stacks grew, and filled my living room.

Once the outside guys finished wrapping the piano and clock, they started carrying boxes out to the truck.
Next they stuck labels on the boxes, according to which room they'd come from.

When everything was stacked outside and ready to go, they began to load it. The piano and bedsprings were the last items to go onto the truck.

I'm not sure how to flip the photos, especially as they were upright until I posted them, so turn your head, okay?

Illustration Friday - Snap

Sometimes we are like rubber bands, stretched so tightly in so many directions that it seems certain we will snap.

This is my first Illustration Friday attempt - we'll see how this goes.