Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The Illustration Friday topic this week is resolution. I haven't illustrated any, but I have made a few, inspired by my daughter, who has made 101 resolutions! I've only made 6.

1) Clear dining room table.

2) Clear away junk mail from both chairs in my office.
(and not simply by throwing it all on the floor. Only magazines and possible painting references and calendars are allowed on the floor.)
LOL! Keeping it real, here.

3) Get income taxes done on time, for once. (by which I mean, info to Linda so she can do the taxes)

4) Redo the walls in guest room. Take down teenage daughter's posters, put up art. (Since daughter is neither teen nor here any more, she won't mind.)

5) Redo my office. clean, organize, decorate... any and or all.
(But right now I'm low on funds. Spent too much on trip/bathroom/car for any more outlays for a while. For now, I'm just paying bills.)

6) Get insurance / soc sec taken care of! I need to do that one this week or last.