Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Computer Art?

Last week I had a frustrating experience, attempting computer art.

The Illustration Friday topic was My Paradise, and I worked on it all day. My idea of paradise is being surrounded by nature and loved ones. So my idea was to pull a photo I'd taken of a beautiful landscape in Alaska, then use it as a background, putting photos of myself and family here and there among the trees, and perhaps toss in a few birds and animals I've painted as well. I was totally unable to succeed in that endeavor.

The first problem was that although I found my Alaska landscape in iphoto, I simply could not figure out how to get it OUT of iphoto. I couldn't even manage to see it large within iphoto! All I could get was different arrangements of thumbnails. Grrrrrr. Finally, after hours of frustration, I gave up on that idea and attempted to simply make a wreathe of family members. At the end of the day I did have something - but it was definitely NOT anything I liked.

Consequently, you see no lovely computer art image here on the topic of Paradise. Now I have a new vision of paradise, which includes my understanding the programs on my own computer. Far out vision!


Keiko said...

Hello! I don't know which version of iPhoto you were fighting with but let's see if this helps for the next time: to make picture larger you need to select it and then at the bottom of the program's window there should be a slider that you can use to zoom the picture. And to take picture out of the program you first select it and then choose share-export from the menu at the top.
I hope this helps and if it doesn't don't worry. You clearly do not need a computer to make beautiful pictures!!

Focus_ret said...

Thanks, Keiko - next time I get up the courage to try computer art, I intend to attempt your solutions. And if they don't work I may cuss a little and pull my hair - but I won't worry. LOL!